GT Services

Does your child have a lot of curiosity? Does your child have a wide range of interests? Does your child come up with powerful, persuasive arguments for almost anything? We are now beginning the identification process for the GATE Program (formerly labeled GT). The process includes both qualitative and quantitative components collected for each child and several steps: nomination, screening, and selection. Information considered in the decision includes parent and teacher input, a portfolio of student work, and standardized assessments. You can nominate your child (teachers and staff can nominate, as well).

What kind of services does AISD offer for GT students?

The district offers services for students in grades K-12 in the core subject areas of language arts, math, science and social studies. 

  • GT STEM (Science and Mathematics)
  • GT Humanities (Language Arts and Social Studies)
  • Talent Explore STEM (Science and Mathematics)
  • Talent Explore Humanities (Language Arts and Social Studies)

Will my child go to another school or class?

AISD uses the state model of "clustering". Clustering means that students are grouped in classes together in their area of giftedness. All teachers at Ortega have their 30 hours of GT foundation training. Each year, all teachers receive 6 hours of update training to expand strategies and rigor when working with GT students.

Does my nomination mean that my child will be in the GATE program?

Nomination is the first step in the identification progress. Other tools help develop a portfolio of information which helps determine whether or not a child is selected for the program. Students take a standardized test with qualitative and quantitative measures. Work samples and observation check lists are developed for the portfolio.

Who decides if my child will be admitted in the GATE program?

A campus decision making committee reviews the data collected for each child who was screened. The committee makes final decisions based on the analysis of collected information. If a child is not selected, they can be screened again in a year. A child can only be screened once a year.

Will my child have to go through the identification process every year?

Once a child enters the GATE program, he/she will remain in the program through all grade levels, unless exited according to AISD procedures. If you have any additional questions, you can contact Jennifer Graf, the school librarian, at 512-414-4417, ext. 57128,

Here are links to K-5 GATE Enrichment Activities:

Thank you for your interest in the GATE Program. Please remember that thorough review of all your students’ talents requires time. We thank you in advance for your patience with this process.

For more information, visit or meet with the GT Advocate.


Jennifer Graf, GT Advocate