Ortega Elementary

Our School

Picture of Pfc. Daniel Ortega

Our Mission

Ortega Elementary School will establish, with the help of our parents and community members, a safe, supportive, creative, and collaborative environment that provides rigorous learning experiences based on high quality academic instruction and rich interpersonal opportunities that result in students meeting or exceeding state standards of performance which prepares them to be college, career and life ready.

History of Ortega Elementary

Pfc. Daniel Ortega (1915-1944)  

Ortega Elementary is named after Austin’s World War II hero Daniel F. Ortega. Pfc. Daniel Ortega was born June 3, 1915 in Mexico.

He received his B.A. degree from Texas University and entered the Army Medical Corps in May of 1943. He received his training at Camp Robinson in Arkansas. In May 1944, he began his tour of duty in Europe. He was tragically killed while carrying a wounded soldier from the battlefield in France in 1944. He was awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart for his distinguished service and honorable conduct.

With Daniel Ortega as a model, we hope our students and school community will continue to emulate becoming the best person you can become.